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True words of none caring Inconvenience Wow!
Before you commie liberals call for control of guns how many laws that are on the books did the murderer break?
No she gets 15.00.
Plus goes to show you People again broke the Law not the Weapon!
Commie Humanist only Knows things when a Conservative is doing something wrong Lets see He Killed 14 people in what your Boy Obama called work place violence not a terror attack!
God made it all First Scientist, Newton was a Christian and Lived the Bible but Atheist stole science from us and they are leading many away from God because of it. Evolutionist cannot tell you why everything is in perfect order.
Nice to see Liberals brains melt!
Liberals will Die then they will cry We did not know.
Like saying a Druggie will give you their drugs!
One commie to another Commie both should move to North Korea!
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