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Lady you'er Sick and brainless!
That because they depend on the Government to give them their Dreams Shut it down and Make them go to work for a Living and stop living on the backs of Americans that do work!
Hell awaits you and the Democrats Sir!
Dunkin Donuts coffee is better Yes two both!
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Pelosi Says Obama Has Been "Brilliant"

Carmen55 Wrote: Sep 22, 2013 8:32 PM
I wonder how tall she is for her eyes are brown and you know what is brown!
Wow and the Media says nothing could you see if Cruz said it Wow!
Mental cases are Liberals a Sickness that cannot be fix Stupid!
Stop going there when they told Christians go away!
Take Children to a Church and give them Bibles and the Cockroaches be streaming out of the wood work Crying where is the separation of Church and State. They will read Kill The Jew and Gentile. Where are the Freedom from Religion and the Atheist Groups on this one I hear Nothing!
True words of none caring Inconvenience Wow!
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