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Oops: New York Governor Wants to Repeal Own Gun Control Law

CarlStevenson Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 1:23 PM
The idiot doesn't realize that there aren't 10 round magazines for a large percentage of legally owned handguns. My glock 23's standard magazine carries 13. My S&W M&P 40 carries 15. While I can use the 13 round Glock 23 magazine in the "Baby Glock" (Glock 27)' which has a shorter barrel and handgrip and comes with a 9 round magazine standard to fit in the shorter grip, the 9 round capacity magazine won't work in the Glock 23 because the magazine well in the grip is too short for the top bullet and feed lips of the magazine to reach the feed ramp, so while the shorter magazine will fit in the longer grip well, it isn't long enough to render the firearm functional.
Marc_H Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 1:33 PM
sorry, wrong
they make 10 round mags for the stupid state i live in, Mass
Luscious Lars Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 1:33 PM
That's not the New Dork Governor Cuomo's problem, CarlStevenson. Why to you attempt to burden him with dealing in minutiae. He's got bigger problems to worry about than whether your magazine from one gun is too short to fit in your other gun. Come on. Give him a friggin break. He's trying to do what's best for his people. He's much smarter than his people, so they should get in line and follow him where ever it is he wants to take them.

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hastily signed a gun control law limiting New Yorkers to just seven round ammunition magazines, he forgot to exempt police officers. Now, Cuomo is looking to reverse the seven-round magazine portion of the law all together due to seven round magazines not existing in the market place. New Yorkers will still be required to only carry seven bullets at a time in their standard issue 10-round magazines.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday the state is not rolling back the nation's most stringent gun control measure by keeping 10-bullet magazines legal, even...