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Wimping Out

Carlos_7 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 7:08 PM
I think the Stock Markets (mostly run by idiots - playing with our money) will Correct soon ... Not so much that there is any economic collapse, but that there is no (real) growth. Worrisome though, is that liberals are so short in the memory department. That is, like 2008, they may go into a selling panic at the slightest realization this economy sucks, and dump us back into a deeper-than-necessary recession. I'm nervously selling some equities. Not because the markets are so high (as the media tries to explain), but because there is simply no upside to Obama's economy.

The New York Times mobile app sent me a breaking news update Wednesday morning: "U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Contracted in Fourth Quarter." Based on high government third-quarter spending and government policies and politics occurring during the fourth quarter, the slowdown should come as no surprise.

The third quarter final gross domestic product growth was 3.1 percent. That relatively high number (compared to full year 2011 at 2 percent) was driven primarily by an increase in inventories and an increase in government spending. While the growth number was hailed by many as a reason to cheer, it had to have been too good...