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St Michael the Archangel Versus Al Gore

Carlos_7 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:20 AM
"Ransom just proved his Roman Catholic bona fides" If a Catholic, I'd like to see Mr. Ransom write a column rebuking the Catholic leadership's "Social Justice" and other anti-Conservative (Gun-Grabbing type) policies. I know! I know! We can't go around speaking ill of our Pro-Life Brothers (unless they're Democrat politicians claiming to be Christians?). And yes, Joel Olsteen is also a turd.

Mikey wrote: There is no direct link between a particular storm and global warming. What scientists know is that ocean temperatures are getting warmer, sea levels are rising, and the atmosphere contains more moisture because the air is warmer. - As Blizzard Nemo Strikes, Global Warming Won’t Be Far Behind

Dear Comrade Mikey,

That’s right; there is no connection between a storm and so-called global warming. Scientists theorize that storms could be become worse and more extreme, but there is very little evidence- very little is not to be confused with no evidence- that storms are any...