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Should Congress Slash Their Six Figure Salaries?

Carlos_7 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:31 PM
All persons Elected to Congress should forfeit any further earnings for the rest of their lives ... from book royalties, speaking fees, accepting lobby jobs, etc. And stock trades .. all Congressmen should be limited to investing in a general/mutual fund for 10 years after exiting Office. And all land buys .. no buys or sells for 10 years after exiting Office. Every dollar they spend/invest should be of public record. Every meeting/phone call to a Lobbyist/Corporate type should be reported and audited annually. (mostly for Democrats. Republicans are generally honest and good-hearted people)

It’s a well-established fact that members of Congress more often than not leave Washington far richer than when they arrived. (Just look at how Harry Reid made his money, for example). But at a time of such high unemployment and trillion dollar-plus deficits, should members of Congress really be making $174,000 a year? Perhaps they should. But while this never-ending debate rages on, it’s comforting to know that at least some Congressional lawmakers (mostly Republicans, it seems) recognize the glaring disconnect between Washington’s rich and famous and the average working American. And, to their credit, they are trying to...