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Friday Fun: 13-Year-Old Girl Rocks the Range

Carlos_7 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 11:14 AM
Make her day! Katelyn Francis is on Facebook: Katelyn has received over 3 thousand "likes" since Katie Pavlich posted her shooting yesterday. Though I post nothing on Facebook, I did create an account for the purpose of showing support (clicking "Like") on Conservative sites. Teens often try to try to emulate their peers. Those with the most "Friends" and "Likes" on Facebook receive the most emulation/admiration (i.e., Katelyn's classmates think she is cool -they may be jealous of her fame- but they want to be just like her). And what better way to reach the youth than to give kudos to their more Conservative peers?

Meet Katelyn Francis, a 13-year-old shooting expert. She competes in multi-gun competitions all over the country. Watch and learn, boys.

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