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Twisting the Internal Polling Knife

Carlos7 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:19 PM
I would not be sitting here posting if Romney had won every Swing State ... The celebration would still be going. So, why are you Liberal tools so angry after winning? "Sore winners" ... I've never heard of such a stupid thing.
Ronald484 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:29 PM
Perhaps it is because that they are beginning to realize that the only winner was Obama, and the rest of us, conservatives and liberals alike, are all the real losers of this election.
50ShadesOfGreg Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:22 PM
I believe the stuff I make up, it's a right wing nut job tradition!

Wait, what the h**ll happened last Tuesday???

In light of the revelation that Mitt Romney was "shell-shocked" by his loss last week, I've been pretty tough on the job performance of his campaign's internal pollsters, who clearly missed the mark -- resulting in costly tactical decisions down the stretch:

These analyses [of the "expand the map" strategy] make sense, but only within the context of the campaign truly believing that they were safe in other crucial must-have states -- a cataclysmically wrong assumption. When I stopped by Romney headquarters in Boston back in September, Newhouse said his team was anticipating a...