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The Church Doesn't Need a Revolution

Carlos7 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:44 AM
Remember people ... The Catholic Church buried Ted Kennedy (et al) with full Honor and Reverence. The Pope once told Bush Sr: "If you go into Iraq, you go without God!" Never has a Pope uttered such strong language against an Abortionist (Kennedy, Obama, etc.). What a den of Hypocrisy. Nancy Pelosi (Abortionist Extraordinaire) will receive her Honor too. You can bet on it. I'm ashamed of Catholics. But I love them too; hoping every one sees the light of Christ, and walks out of that Abortionist-worshiping "Church". Ugh!
rbrady Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 10:31 AM
Look at what happened in Iraq. As the Catholic Bishop warned, Catholics and all Christians have been driven out for the most part. Just because Bush is republican that doesn't mean going to Iraq was good. Regarding the popes to pro-abortion politicians, google "Pope rejects pro-life politicians." Nancy Pelosi has largely been acknowledged as a hypocrite and Cardinal Burke has cited the Church's Canon Law # 915 in saying she and other pro-aborts should be denied communion. Just because many Catholics are not faithful to what the Church requires that does not mean the Church itself is hypocritical. Our Lord told us there would be many weeds growing with the wheat, but as His mystical body, it also is able to lead us into the fulness of truth

The pope has renounced the papal throne. Long live the progressive pope! Such are the rallying cries from establishment voices wanting to see the Catholic Church loosen up now that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to step down. But maybe people should listen to the Church's actual views.

Mary Hasson from the Ethics and Public Policy Center has been doing some unique work looking into what Catholic women know and want from their Church. It's scandalous and yet not entirely surprising that she found only 13 percent of Catholic women who occasionally attend Mass accept Church teaching on contraception.

It's not a shock...