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Obama Camp on Foreign Policy Criticism: Have We Mentioned That Obama Killed Bin Laden?

Carlos7 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 7:49 PM
Less than 50 days till the Election ... And only the same few Liberals are here to defend Obama. In 2008, I recall these threads were flooded with real live Obama supporters .. as opposed to the handful of clowns today, borrowing their Wi-Fi from a highway rest stop bathroom. Telling.

Mmm hmm -- strangled him to death with his own bare hands, dontcha know?  How predictable and pitiful:

Yeah, we've heard, Ms. Psaki -- unlike many of your own supporters, it seems.  Bin Laden dead, General Motors alive (but at what cost, and for how long?)  That's pretty much the only argument they've got to apply some lipstick to the filthy pig that is Obama's...