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Dear Republican Congress, Give Obama and His Boys Everything They Want

Carlos7 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 8:38 AM
Understand this ... Amnesty Will Pass. Now, instead of Boehner "leading from behind", John can publicly ask Obama: "Do you want an Amnesty Bill?" If the answer is "Si Senor!", then Republicans should immediately write a blanket Amnesty Bill. Results: The crush of 20 million applicants to Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps ... will upend these Systems. States will immediately go in the Red next year. Social Security will go into the Red. Welfare agencies will collapse. Blacks and Whites will wonder "WTF Happened?" as their Food Stamp applications are rejected in favor of Mexicans. Strategy :-)

A cigar aficionado and amigo of mine named Irwin penned a note to the Republican Congress the night after Obama got elected for four more years of this slop, and I thought I’d pass it on to you. Check it out ...

Dear Republican Congress,

As a conservative Republican I am begging you to give president Obama and those who voted for him everything they want.

They want higher taxes on the rich and companies. Give it to them.

They want higher capital gains taxes that will hurt their investments. Give it to them.

They want a system that...