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Condi on the VP Slot: Thanks, But No Thanks

Carlos7 Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 11:10 AM
Romney has his back against the wall ... Mitt is in the same position McCain was before he picked Sarah Palin - Losing. Except, back then, voters did not have 4 years to judge Obama's results. Hence, a Conservative VP would make all the difference this go 'round. Remember: Reagan's Conservatism fell short the first time, the second time was a charm.

After last week's speculation, it looks like Condi is still uninterested in being Mitt's running mate:

Despite the Drudge Report’s article Thursday night reporting that  Condoleezza Rice is the new frontrunner to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, a spokesperson for the former secretary of state tells ABC News she is still not interested in the job.