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They seem foreign, but even Kenya and Mexico protect their borders from infiltrators. Heck, even the Knock-Out Boys protect their "turf". They get it.
I have concluded that most Americans are now like the Europeans ... Insane! The main group of refugees are coming as a result of Obama's demolition of our Economy. Most people (see 'insane' above) can no longer think critically in the face of such asinine statements produced by Kerry and the global elite. For every American who loses his job, as many as 3 third world workers lose theirs. So, those 20 million American jobs Obama decided to eliminate resulted in 60 million poor workers across the globe losing their incomes. Our malaise is bad enough, but to those people it may mean never having an opportunity again, if not outright starving to death.
Good article. Important message. I hope people up top are listening.
If this race is a dead heat ... How can there be so many toss-ups in the much more moderate States. I smell a dirty pollster!
Excellent article! But why did Carlos have to die?
Since when did Michigan Democrats turn Fascist? Will the Democrats send in the Brown Shirts to burn the businesses which invest overseas? Will they come for the average citizen who has some of his 401k invested in France? Sieg Heil to all the Democrats.
We keep voting for these "gangs of eight", and they keep siding with Democrats. In the real world, such a thing is called "Treason", and the perpetrator is called a "Traitor". We are literally voting for traitors, and expecting something other than treason. Many are now convinced (Satan loves this one) that the traitor with the "R" after his name is the one who will "Save" us from the traitor with the "D" after his name. We might as well give the nuclear codes to Bob Bergdahl.
Yes. Which is why "We will crush them" McConnell and "Whacko Birds" McCain are hell bent on destroying any remnants of patriotism in the Party.
If Republicans take the Senate, they will pass an Amnesty Bill in short order. They want it more than Obama. We can only call it Masochism at this point.
dwelch Wrote: 48 mins ago (6:17 PM) break it down by race and then by gender. scary stuff. _______________________________________________ It would be racist to prove black kids got the short end of the stick. It would be sacrilegious to point out the Union Democrat involvement in such a hate crime.
I send candidates emails explaining my votes, and my Conservative preferences. Only one Republican candidate's staff has every replied. His wife sent me an email explaining his position regarding my objection. How could I reject that? He got my vote ... and my wife's ... and the votes of several people I forwarded the email to. The rest just don't care enough to connect with the ordinary voters.
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