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This is yet another example ... If your priest or pastor is not talking about (or at least alluding to) the anti-Christ behaviors of those in Washington, you are probably not in a Church of Jesus Christ. What excuse do you plan to offer Jesus when He asks why you willfully sat and worshiped His Father in an illegitimate Congregation? Ask yourself: 1. Did my church pray for peace in Iraq, but totally ignore the Libyan war? 2. Was my Pastor alluding to global events while idiot Bush was in Office, but has somehow fell silent now that idiot Obama is in Office? I'm sure it happens. I had heard of such political Sermons when Bush was President. But, after 6 full years of Obama, not one church-goer has mentioned any negative Sermons regarding Barack Obama.
Sadly, Every Republican Senator but one sided with Gore and Obama on Climate Change. Yes, even Ted Cruz bowed to this new Climate Deity. Very strange days.
Jesus Christ = The Truth I see your point.
Did Chuck Grassley complain about the murderers George Bush allowed in? *If he did, great job! *If he did not, then he is a hypocrite who uses dead Americans for political gain. Anyone know which one fits?
I wish the GOP would start refusing to allow Democrats to run in their Party. It's no different than The Pope allowing Nancy Pelosi to remain in the Church.
It is quite possible that LGBT (lmnop..) is a genetic disorder. Surely then, God made Gays. Of course, under Evolution Theory such errors should be gone from the Gene Pool. Worse, Aborting defective babies is a growing trend. And it is only a matter of time before mother will have the option to rid herself of her defective (GAY) baby. Yes, the Democrat Party Aborts Gay babies. And we are one discovery away from killing Gay babies in the womb; en masse. Sure you wouldn't rather cling to our Pro-Gay-Life Bibles?
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Mr. President, Your Summit Had it Wrong

Carlos7 Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 11:17 AM
What if the Conservatives left the Republican Party en masse ...? And instead of sitting home, we decided to give Obama 100% support. We could organize huge pro-Obama rallies, and proclaim Obama a Christian Saint. We could wave huge banners: "Obama loves Christ!" "Obama wants all Muslims to worship Jesus!" "Obama for Pope!" "Join Obama and Convert to Christ!" "Obama loves Jesus not Muhammad!" What could that animal say, "I'm not with Christ!" "Muhammad is my Savior!"?
Why Do Gays, Feminists, Actors, Comedians And Whiny Atheists Give Islam A Pass? __________________________________________________________________ Why are they (Muslims included) all Liberal Democrats? Why are Gays voting alongside the Muslims who hang them? Why are Jews voting alongside the Muslims who want to exterminate them? It can not be explained by Evolution Theory (which is an obvious fraud). And it can not be explained by psychology (another fraud). It's a mystery. Just like God.
Many people believe that early Christians did not put up a fight. That the Romans simply lined them up and marched them off to their executioner. That might be true. But it is not likely to be true. Who would join a cult whose members eagerly awaited execution? Early Christians, I am betting, were a force to be reckoned with. Very different from what we were taught.
Very good point.
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