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Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP?

Carla97362 Wrote: May 18, 2012 5:46 PM
"We must spend more to close the racial gap in test scores." Actually, it seems to me we are closing the gap wonderfully... not by raising the level of the underachievers, but rather by 'dumbing down' the public education we provide to our best and brightest so they move toward the lower achievement levels. Soon, everyone will be equal... Equally ignorant... Woo Hoo! Of course, this current course is suicidal for our society as a whole, but makes life much easier for the "education" establishment.

Among the more controversial chapters in "Suicide of a Superpower," my book published last fall, was the one titled, "The End of White America."

It dealt with the demographic decline of the white majority and what it portends for education, the U.S. economy, politics and national unity.

That book and chapter proved the proximate cause of my departure from MSNBC, where the network president declared that subjects such as these are inappropriate for "the national dialogue."

Apparently, the mainstream media are reassessing that.

For, in rare unanimity, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA...