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Illegitimacy -- Not Teen Pregnancy -- Is the Story

Carla5731 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 9:01 AM
The "pay for my contraceptives or pay for my kid" demand still produces the same drain on society and hasn't convinced more parents to take responsibility for their personal behavior.

The WaPo's Sarah Kliff thinks we are "in the midst of a big public health success story" because teen births and pregnancies are down 42% since 1990.

At the risk of being the skunk at Ms. Kliff's garden party, I would suggest that her optimism is, perhaps, misplaced.  When most people deplore a high teen pregnancy or birth rate, they are not upset about reproducing teens who are happily married -- working, and/or with a spouse that is.

Rather, when one invokes the term "teen pregnancy," the image that springs to mind is of a young, poor, unwed mother whose...