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Why Did He Kill All Those Children?

Carl469 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 10:20 PM
So Halo or Call of Duty raised a monster? I don't think so. Tens of millions of youths and adults have played these and other games. Yet the nation's murder rate is well DOWN from two decades ago. There is no convincing empirical evidence that playing video games "causes" violent thoughts or behavior. A cliche is not a study.
The idea for massacring children in an elementary school or shooting up a mall filled with Christmas shoppers does not come from reading books, watching movies or listening to music. Does the incitement for such unspeakable acts come from hours of role-playing violent video games?

As we speculate on what was going on in the mind of the murderer, the media are trying to blame his evil act on the lack of gun control. But the ownership of firearms or attending a shooting range do not desensitize someone to the cold-blooded murder of many children.

The act of mass, cold-blooded murder...