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MoveOn's Co-Founder has the Tea Party's Co-Founder Over for--Tea

Carl469 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 1:53 PM
Populists, Left and Right, always have shared common ground. The goal of the summit meeting was to develop a program that contains elements each side can live with. I don't see this meeting as a waste of energy at all. A lot of good can come out of it. That's how coalitions are built.

It was only a living room conversation. But: this living room conversation, earlier in the month, was between two clashing political titans: the co-founder of, Joan Blades, and the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, the largest and most authentic of the Tea Party groups, Mark Meckler. Neither represented their respective organizations; they were there in their personal capacities only: Tabula rasa, all to the good.

A great rapport, without compromising principles, developed. Will this prove of importance? One can but consider the observation of the great quantum physicist Niels Bohr: “How wonderful that we have met with a...