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90 Years of Socialist Rule in Antwerp Ends

Carl469 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 3:40 PM
I actually attended a presentation several years ago featuring the two founder-leaders of the Flemish separatist movement and their political party, Vlaams Belang (formerly Vlaams Blok until the rotten Francophone-dominated pro-Muslim Belgian Supreme Court outlawed it as a "hate group"), Filip DeWinter and Frank Van Hecke. They greatly impressed me with their erudition and commitment to rule of law. They know, as most of their countrymen do, that Muslim immigration is a mortal threat to Belgium. May the Walloons wake up soon as well. I'm no booster of EU, but Islam is a continental time bomb.

In a vote on Sunday that is likely to have serious repercussion down the road for the eurozone, a Secessionist wave sweeps Belgium

Flemish nationalists made sweeping gains across northern Belgium in local elections on Sunday, a success that will bolster separatists’ hopes for a break-up of the country.

Bart De Wever, leader of the New...