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Tap The Brakes On That Tea Party Decline

Carl406 Wrote: May 23, 2014 2:43 PM
Thank you pointing out that BRAKES will slow down a car, while BREAKS will ruin it!
Let us not get caught up in condemning liberal black Democrats for the problems of Detroit. The cause of the decay is simply human nature as revealed in Scripture. A large group of city and union leaders became greedy and corrupt. Political and ethnic backgrounds are just the descriptions of THIS bunch.
Most important anytime is that any Republican Governor is much more experienced at large-system management than just about any Senator other than those with a similar business background. We must avoid being charmed by flashy media stars.
The treatment of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann is still ongoing. Libs are terrified by strong women.
The background and public service of Sarah Palin is very similar to that of the "commoner" Thatcher. Time may yet tell us more.
Is anyone certain that China would not agree to have South Korea unify the peninsula? The whole neighborhood would be more safe.
Just go to the General Motors Opel Ampera website and look at the FAQs. The answers would put off anyone because they just cannot lie away facts. Opel in Germany was a very respected company until GM go sick with Obamaitis.
Sounds like a sensible solution - until you realize that obama would not do that to his buddies.
To the editors: Thank you for quickly making this site easier to read.
To the editors: I would be easier reading if you would BOLD the first word of a new topic. Otherwise your style is great.
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