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Second Term, Second String, Second Wind: A Regulatory Vesuvius Is Close at Hand

Carl265 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 7:58 PM
Laws made by Lawyers, for Lawyers. This is the problem with congress today, too many lawyers and not enough people with common sense.
Speeches to lawyers' groups are among the least fun to give. For one thing, if you get a detail wrong someone is sure to point it out. For another, most lawyers (and judges) have quasi-professional commitments to impassivity in their facial expressions.

Tough audience indeed.

In a pair of recent outings before collections of general counsels and their outside firms I have had some limited success in coaxing a raised eyebrow here or there. History is helping me: the history of presidential second terms and of Mount Vesuvius.

The long, sad history of presidential second terms is well known....

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