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RG III Gets 'Uncle Tom' Treatment

Carl265 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 10:16 PM
It is truly sad that so few are driving the conversation on all things political. I guess ignoring what is morally correct is in line with being politically correct. I am amazed by the sheer number {Educated} people who know so much that is just not right. I think that even moving the alphabet networks to Ohama Neb. would take 20 years for common sense to sink in.
To a black ESPN sports analyst, this is the critical question: Is Robert Griffin III, aka RG III, the black rookie sensation Washington Redskins quarterback, "a brother, or is he a cornball brother?" What has RG III done or said to raise a suspicion about his bona fides as a black person? More importantly, what does this have to do with appreciating -- or choosing not to appreciate -- Griffin as an athlete?

Turns out RG III fancies himself as a quarterback who happens to be black -- as opposed to a black quarterback. When asked for the millionth time about...