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The Culture of Death Makes Life Meaningless

Caritas Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 11:05 PM
So, if your life were to become one of, " abject poverty, hunger,malnutrition ..." would you say that your life should be ended?

Planned Parenthood’s denials to the contrary, many women suffer extreme guilt and mental anguish as a result of having an abortion. Killing one’s child is simply not as easy the abortionists would have you believe. And we’re seeing this truth play out most illustratively in China, where the country’s “One Child Policy” has created such angst that, according to the Obama Administration, it is partly responsible for the fact that 500 Chinese women took their own lives each day in 2009.

That’s 3,500 female suicides a week, 15,000 female suicides a month, and 182,500 female suicides a year....