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Now Starring Senator Rand Paul

Cari.B Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 10:16 PM
I don't get it. The three Senator who pose as the champions of Benghazi sat at dinner with the elusive, lying President and that wasn't the topic of conversation? Instead they go after Paul? Why didn't they ply the Prez with Merlot and get him to admit what he is hiding about the death of his supposed friend and 3 others in Libya. What a wasted opportunity.
I have written for online magazines and the author can only suggest the title. The editors have to place in what fits in their word count or what they feel is the most gripping to catch readership. So you are overreacting to Baisley in this case. The article body is what counts.
John, While you were watching Cokie being an idiot on ABC, I was watching David Gregory embarrass himself on NBC. David was a giddy schoolboy in short pants. He was so thrilled that he got Grover Norquist on MTP's panel, trying to cause a controversy for the Republicans. Really, really bad idea. David's first guest was Tim Geithner. So when David got to Norquist, Grover calmly and systematically took Obama and Geithner apart & David was stunned. (Note to David: Don't invite incredibly smart people on your show, they make you look even more stupid.) Then Maria Bartiromo & Norquist began agreeing that Obama's plan was no good so Jim Cramer became unglued. I thought Cramer was about to scream "caca dodo peepee" which was more David's level.
If even one of our Leaders had an ounce of common sense they would know any talk of raising more revenue is an absurd proposition when we don’t know the actual cost of government. By actual cost, I mean those things that the Federal government is supposed to provide for us by its actual Constitutional directives. When we cut their size and scope back down to those important but very limited requirements, we should be able to pay our debt and reduce the tax burden on us all. Just imagine how much more effective in Libya and during Katrina and Sandy the government would have been if they weren’t so distracted doing everything else but their jobs. If only there was an ounce of common sense in Washington D.C.
Cato, I agree, but in order to do that We The People need to replace most everyone in Congress. No matter what they say, they are all too weak to resist spending, so they will raise the debt ceiling. They always do. We who are Republicans need to get a whole lot tougher on our own. We have less two years to make a point or clean House.
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Why Mitt Lost and it Wasn’t Very Close

Cari.B Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 6:25 PM
All true, John. Since the NBC talking heads are advising the GOP to dump the right and head to the middle it must be bad advice. The problem is - that is just what the GOP did in 2012. The Establishment didn't like the spending and goverment cutters we sent in 2010 so they made sure, along with Rove & FoxNews, that we swung middle with no distinct message to follow & we got: John McCain the movie, Part 2. After the Primary I was only inspired to be anti-Obama. I liked Mitt's speeches at the very end, but it was too late. I've commented before, having Rove be the one on FoxNews to analyze why the GOP lost is like having Obama & Hillary investigate Benghazi.
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The Cowards Need to Answer on Benghazi

Cari.B Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 12:59 PM
Forced myself to watch MSNBC last week to see if there was any coverage on Libya and saw none. MSNBC refuses to even acknowledge that Americans would like to know why the Commander-In-Chief will not give us straight answers regarding deaths of our guys "on American soil" as well as why the Marines weren't allowed there to begin with - The Marines issue in particular needs no investigating - it was an order from Hillary. The most telling response is from The Ed Show. He turned the issue on Romney and wanted to know why Mitt would not come on the show to explain why he thinks that FEMA should be cut when people are dying in storm - which is not what Romney said. That only tells me Ed doesn't care about the murders.
We understand Joe, There hasn't been one single day that we've been proud to have you as VP. Not one single day.
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