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Why would she be concerned about a conservative white general in whatever war? It should be General Powell...but didn't he have something to do with invading Iraq?
It's an act of love and besides they're only doing the jobs (targets? Dinner?) that American deer won't do.
Yep, Ian McKellen...wonder about he and Xavier in the past...
Patrick Stewart a heterosexual ideal, really...c'mon, Will, take ownership!
They won't agree to that against the enemy overseas!
I'm not going to say anything negative to you. This proves that voter ID and antifraud measures keep both sides honest.
I still have all mine. When the Civilian Security Force comes to my door and they point their Tec-9's at me sideways and bark, "Yo, homes, where be the guns?" i will cower dutifully in fear and open the safe in the master bedroom, and let them take them all. All except the. And the And especially the under the pillow on my couch.
I'm waiting for Benny Thompson to call the rescuer an Uncle Tom and Al Dulleton chiming in with "race traitor!" If it comes to Obozo's attention, he'll probably say he acted stupidly.
Of course the Gangs of New York (not including Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis) are responsible for 40% of the shootings. Thanks to Bloomberg and his predecessors going back to whoever implemented the egregious Sullivan Law, only the gangs and the NYPD have guns. Wonder why the percentage is so low...who's responsible for the 60%-unaffiliated criminals or out-of-state tourists?
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A Man of Sterling Character

CardSenseJimmyBond Wrote: May 01, 2014 8:25 AM
Thank God we have other choices..
Most of them receive it on some form of debit card now, to which a photo can easily be attached as is done in Taxachusetts.
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