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Now, if there was some way to spread the rumor that illegal aliens support the likes of Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, and Marco Rubio, and that allowing them through the Voter ID gates will result in a conservative landslide...the Dems are nothing if not gullible, it's easy to con a con!
I am in the hospital, it is the wee early hours of the morning, and I am probably on heavy (intravenous) drugs, but I am remembering some "rules for the con man" I read in some obscure novel, which went something like "hold on for letting go, multiply by dividing, increase by decreasing". Politics is the ultimate con anyway, and we know the opposition is gleefully using Alinsky tactics. It is important to approach groups, racial and economic, who are now Democrat strongholds with our message and how conservatism is the permanent answer to their problems, not an expensive and temporary band-aid. The TEA movement does indeed hold the CINOs feet to the fire. Ideally, a mix of 45 TEA types and 22 Grahamnesty types could wind up being the best we could hope for (veto-proof majority...)
If we accept some compromises, it's good to see the RINO's waking up to reality. 45 Cruz/Paul/Lees would be entertaining but still a minority. A mix of them, plus the McConnells, McCains and Grahams numbering 60 would be a filibuster-proof majority. And McConnell couldn't begin to approach the idiocy of Reid with years of practice.
Here In Arlington, Texas I am happily paying an $800 deductible in a civilian hospital getting my heart condition treated rather than waiting three weeks (better than Phoenix but...)
Heck, the gas-powered Fiat would probably get 40+mpg driven responsibly by a featherfoot-30+ flogged by me. The only reason it needs an electric version is to appease the freedom-hating tree huggers.
If there's not one, someone Rupert Murdoch or somebody, needs to create the entertainment equivalent of Fox News...
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Lockett & Load

CardSenseJimmyBond Wrote: May 08, 2014 10:00 AM
Young female actresses these days may be actually selected for talent.
Two really attractive young ladies who like guns. There's got to be a story in this even if only in the fevered recesses of my mind...
Please do!
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