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and about 80% of people under 25%. face it, you're being left behind.
You are not only sexist but wrong. Also I'm 100% sure you're a straight white male, am I wrong?
Prove it.
Watch more glenn beck. Just know that when you die, your kids will look back in horror in what you've said here.
Hows that? Transsexual females are just as female as any other woman.
No....Every gay person is different, but there is a social "gay culture" just like there is a "gamer culture" or "prison culture" or "Christian culture."
When gay people prevent straight people from getting married, let me know.
Let me try something: Being black is nothing to celebrate. It's an obvious serious birth defect. I read that an estimated 80% of the children under 16 are black. This abnormality should be viewed in horror by society and research should be conducted into what causes it and how to prevent it in future generations. I have a suspicision its due to poor diet on the part of the parents. Poisoned sperm and a dirty womb due to nutritional deficiencies. Still agree?
Hahahahahahaa wow. Thats. Wow. You're an idiot.
You should be ashamed to have WOMAN with a MAN. They are different for a reason! My religion insists that men stay with men and women with women, like my gods intended.
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