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Debating Obamacare Strategy: Defund or Delay?

Cardinal5671 Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 8:09 AM
You may be right. But that doens't change the fact that there is zero chance that a bill to defund Obamacare will succeed. If there is any chance at undoing Obamacare, it will come through delaying it. Try reading what Guy has to say. Tell me it doesn't make sense.

You'll recall that I spelled out my thoughts on this question in some detail last week, and yesterday I appeared on Fox News with the great Monica Crowley to debate my conclusion.  Monica adheres to the school of thought that defunding Obamacare through the looming temporary budget scrap is the last chance Republicans have to stop the law.  I disagree, arguing that forcing a government shutdown in an inevitably failed attempt to partially strip the law of funding would actually damage the cause of full repeal: