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Then you support the Democrat.
Earl, politics is a zero sum game. You can't put down the establishment without supporting the Democrats. Sorry, but that's reality, It bites, but its true.
Are the Democrats going to advance conservative principles? You know they aren't. Yet through your actions you support the Democrats.
Then you are supporting the Democrats and doing EXACTLY what they want. Kurt is right: "We can get even with the GOP establishment later; we need to beat the Democrats first."
" seems a contingent of bitter-enders starts up about how the Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same, and how they’ll refuse to vote in the general, and how they’ll take their collective ball and go home. That’s crazy talk." AMEN
Agreed. The ad is clearly inappropriate, but its not worth making a big fuss over.
Then you support the Democrat in the race?
Feel free. Just do so knowing that splitting the vote on the right is an excellent way to elect Democrats.
Your reasoning flies in the face of 2 undeniable facts. 1. Control of the Senate is based on which party has most members. 2. No way a Democrat would ever vote the way a conservative would want.
No, I ridicule "honest conservatives" for supporting Democrats by not voting or wasting their vote on someone with zero chance of winning.
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