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If you have a crystal ball that can tell you which elections can be safely handed over to the Democrats, by all means. Otherwise, this is just silly.
What we have is a two party system. That is reality. It sucks. Deal with it.
The flaw in your logic is that someone will win the election. You can't separate the refusal to vote for the Republican from the benefit to the Democrat by not voting for the Republican.
I hear you. But your actions only aid and abet those who are worse than the Republicans.
You are free to vote (or not) as you wish. That is your right. It is important however, that you understand that any vote not for the Republican is, in essence, a vote for the Democrat.
Kurt is right. This is the real world. And in the real world, someone is going to win the election whether you vote or not. I know this is difficult for some conservatives to grasp, but welcome to reality.
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Get Out and Vote

Cardinal5671 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 8:33 AM
Anyone who does not vote is supporting the Democrat. Period.
True or False: President Romney would have been better for the country than President Obama.
Gotta vote for Republicans this fall to demote Harry Reid. Its just that simple.
Neither being in the majority or the minority on an issue automatically make you right. Now extend that... The will of the people may be to ban or allow gay marriage - but being the will of the people doesn't make it the right or proper thing to do. So, we see that to answer questions like these we need an objective standard. The Bible provides that standard for those of us who believe, but the Constitution limits how far we can take Biblical doctrine and make it law.
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