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Well for starters you actually have to like the people who aren't corporations, aren't male, aren't white, aren't christian, and aren't wealthy. Good luck with that.
That's nothing compared to the spontaneously aborted.
Sorry, didn't realize you were faith based. Hard to have a conversation with people who still believe in fairy tales. Bye for now.
I don't know make a much classier ad that conservatives could relate to. Save the fetus shoot the baby kind of thing.
Should have had the NRA do it.
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"God" Dropped From Inaugural Prayer

CaptNed Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 8:36 AM
Oh the horrors.
Why yes, even using the word collective makes Obama a anyone living in the 50's.
How's that bubble working out for you now?
Enslaved for what purpose exactly paranoid?
Not true but conservatives really learned to embrace the KKK and the whole idea that white people are better. I think that's one reason Romney lost but keep up the good racist support and keep losing.
It stood to reason the folks here would jump on the word collective. Too much time on your hands I guess. To frightened and limited in thought to get beyond word games.
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