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Hypocrites thy name is conservatives.
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Operating Inside a House With an AR-15

CaptNed Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 1:10 PM
So how does the gun stuff work against government drones?
That's because progressives are more in the critical thinking rather than fixed beliefs arena. I'd help you figure it out but it would require years of reprogramming for you.
Last I heard Judaism was a religion. Just another part of reality that you are missing.
Religion is a man made institution used to control and validate the actions of those in power. God was invented too. Religions are mutually exclusive groups of people who are arrogantly certain there's is the only true one. Frankly it's laughable and when people justify their arguments using the bible I walk away. It's impossible to educate someone on centuries of knowledge in a rant space such as this or any other comment area. I just stop in now and then to see if there's any intelligent life. I continue to be disappointed.
Libturd? Are you in 6th grade.
He should take running lessons from Michelle Bachmann.
Let's hope she gets more conservative conservatives for this cycle.
I'm sure they have a bunker and lots of guns for that.
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