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Obama and the Extremists

CaptainSpaulding Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 7:52 AM
You have obviously mis-read that story about the $7,450.
As a supporter of the president who used to be a right winger, I try to check in now and again to see if I am missing something. This article underlines how threadbare are the arguments against the Affordable Care Act. If this is the best of the case against healthcare, it looks like the right is going to be a permanent minority.
This is totally wrong. Any idiot who wants to look can see that voter turnout in St. Lucie county was 70%. Why is it even still up? It seems counterproductive to affirmatively mislead people.
Curious what world you're living in. As I recall, the Bush economy made the private sector deflate. BHO took office and has been slowly re-inflating it ever since.
Everything would be ok if it weren't for that darned American public....
So how did that work out? And do you ever read anything outside your bubble? That whole SSN business was explained about 4 years ago for those of us who live in the real world....
BTW, India and Indiana are two separate places. Austria and Australia, too. It gets so confusing.....
BTW, India and Indiana are two separate places. Austria and Australia, too. It gets so confusing.....
Quite a chuckle, being lectured on foreign policy by someone who doesn't know the difference between Nigeria and Algeria. This is the problem with the internet. Everybody thinks they're an expert, no matter how little time they have spent learning even the most basic geography.
Another person too lazy to even read the link. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Read the article and you will realize how foolish you look.
Wow. You go to all of the trouble to reply without even looking at the link? That is lazy. The article is a cogent and well-documented refutation of the right wing's hysterical screeds about how they "wuz robbed." By the way, have you heard about a single voter from one of the "Romney Zero" precincts who has come forward and said he voted for Romney but his vote wasn't counted? Curious.
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