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Seriously? An article based solely on appeal to authority, in which the most recent "authority" is several hundred years before Darwin's discovery? Pretty lame. If anything, this nails down the extent to which you have to deny modern science if you want to posit a god.
The creation of a mythical Ronald Reagan is one of the more entertaining things about the Tea Party these days.
The horror of government run health care? Like Tri-care? Medicare?
I think you guys are missing the point of that caption. What they were talking about was the GOP missing a chance to flog the glitchy rollout of Obamacare because they had created a firestorm with the government shutdown and debt ceiling. No one was blaming the Republicans for Obamacare. They were simply observing that the Republicans missed a chance to beat up on the program.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Chapman--making us refer to actual reality is just--well--a step too far.
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Obama and the Extremists

CaptainSpaulding Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 7:52 AM
You have obviously mis-read that story about the $7,450.
As a supporter of the president who used to be a right winger, I try to check in now and again to see if I am missing something. This article underlines how threadbare are the arguments against the Affordable Care Act. If this is the best of the case against healthcare, it looks like the right is going to be a permanent minority.
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