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YOU should run, RedWest!!
Wrong on all counts. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/27/opinion/paul-krugman-so-much-for-obamacare-not-working.html?rref=opinion&module=Ribbon&version=context®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Opinion&pgtype=Blogs
Ironic that the comments above and below yours were BOTH "standing up and defending Sterling."
I'm saving about $490 a month under the ACA, without any subsidies. I thought my insurance would go up, but I was pleasantly surprised.
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Whose Side Is God on Now?

CaptainSpaulding Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 12:18 AM
Pat, you have gone around the bend. Your hatred of the president has turned you into a traitor.
Welcome to the bubble. The land of skewed polls, skewed unemployment numbers and skewed Obamacare signups. Can anyone direct me to President Romney?
I'm not sure that anyone could have posted anything that more confirmed Paranoidmystic's point....
Seriously? An article based solely on appeal to authority, in which the most recent "authority" is several hundred years before Darwin's discovery? Pretty lame. If anything, this nails down the extent to which you have to deny modern science if you want to posit a god.
The creation of a mythical Ronald Reagan is one of the more entertaining things about the Tea Party these days.
The horror of government run health care? Like Tri-care? Medicare?
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