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Ann I am losing respect for you. Romney IS the establishment and the establishment supports him 100%. ANY moron can see that. We're on the same course we've been on for a very long time and will remain on that same course whether it's Obama or Romney. Gbloalism, militarism, corporatism, and loss of our liberties. No? Romney supports the Patriot Act just like Obama. He supports policing the world just like Obama. He supports all kinds of corporate welfare, buy outs and bail outs just like Obama. He supports NDAA which was co-authored by the last guy the GOP and the establishment and the media shoved down our throats. This whole thing is a farse
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Are People Really That Stupid?

Captain Shays Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 8:08 AM
Its also hard to hold adults to a high standard when they rely on main stream media for their information. I include so called conservative talk shows, and FOX in that lump.
I seriously doubt that Obama will veto this bill. HE said he would veto the re-authorization of the Patriot Act and he signed into law NDAA which was co-authored by the last GOP presidential candidate the media the the establishment tried to shove down our throats. No doubt someone like Romney would be in favor of this bill. You people will regret not supporting Ron Paul. What a bunch of fools this country has become
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My Papers? No Thank You

Captain Shays Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 8:01 AM
Thanks Jonah for touting Ron Paul's position.
Maybe the title should have been "Soros and Obama Vs Arpio and US"
I worked in the Research Trianlg Park in North Carolina where there are a lot of Mexican workers. They all live together and share expenses so they can send money back to their relatives in Mexico. When the blacks found out that the Mexicans don't like to open bank accounts but store their money in their apartments, they started to rob them. Now even the Mexicans don't like blacks. The Asians have trouble with them robbing abd beating and raping. The Indians have problems with them raping and beating and robbing. EVERYONE has problems with blacks being violent and robbing, raping and beating. The ONLY people who can change this are all the good black people out there which is most of them like it took good Italian people to stop the mob
If anything a lot of white people are sick of being labeled as victemizers while blacks are perpetual victems. Let's face it. Black on white crime dwarfs white on black crime. We can't dance around the facts on that. We're sick of the media being so politically correct that they refuse to mention the race of the perpetrator when he's black because they're affrraid to offend or give the impression that they are focusing on black only crimes. But the trouble is, despite the disparity in population with blacks comprising only 12%-13% of our population they are considerably more likely to commit crimes, especially violent crimes. I don't know, nor do I care why. All I know is that we can't stop unless we face the truth at some point
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