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Finding the right woman takes time, I know, I did. When I first met Amy we were both in our 30’s. I knew I found the woman that I was going to spend the rest of my life with when I was working on my jeep. Before I met Amy I restored a World War 2 US Army jeep. When we started dating, one day I told her that I needed to replace the head gasket on the engine. The next day while I was working on the engine I heard someone say “can I help”, I looked up and there was Amy holding a six pack of Fosters beer. I asked her to scrape off the old gasket, she said OK, showed her what needed to be done, and she did it. Once done the engine worked fine. I have since donated the jeep to the 82nd Airborne Museum at Ft. Bragg, NC. We’ve now been married 20 years and counting. We’ve travelled all over the world together, had our ups and downs, but we survived. I support Amy and she supports me. On my 59th birthday I told her I was going to buy something I always wanted, a motorcycle. Her response was, OK just don’t kill yourself. Me, Amy and the motorcycle are doing just fine.
A quote by Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." It was our ownership of guns that kept us safe from invasion. Any gun grabbers want to dispute this?
Not to worry folks, I’m sure the Freedom From Religion Foundation will set things right. They have a proven track record of threating to sue government institutions, schools, the military, memorials, and towns because they have audacity to allow for the offensive words such as God or Jesus Christ or verses from the Bible to be displayed. I’m sure they’ll gather their forces and go after the Common Core program and get them to remove all references to Islam. After all they all for keeping ALL religion out of the classroom.
When the American people elected Obama as President, they thought they were unleashing a roaring lion. Instead they ended up with a floundering whale.
Another thing to add, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims. God bless them and their families.
Another shooing at Ft. Hood. What is Obama supposed to do, I know what he does, Step 1: Get on national news and tell America how upset he is. Step 2: Head off to another fundraiser so rich people can kiss his backside. Step 3: Head back to DC for another round of golf.
It's ironic that he made this announcement on April 1st. When is somebody going to shout "APRIL FOOLS"
Rueuhy, you're comments, in one word is..................PERFECT
Scott Adams started of his letter with “I hope my father dies soon.” Message to Scott, anybody that would wish any family member, especially a parent, would die soon is one heartless a**hole. Scott, and people like him, fail to accept one basic concept, life ain’t easy. To me, family always came first, everything comes in second. For me and my family our philosophy is, we came into this world the natural way, and when the time comes we’ll leave it the natural way. We don’t need anybody to speed up the process.
OF course Letsmove.gov is up and running. Doesn't everybody realize that no matter what happens in the government shutdown, no action shall be taken that brings displeasure to our nation's first emperor and empress. For we the humble commoners must bear any burden to ensure that these enlightened individuals do not have their lives impeded upon.
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