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If it is true, this is insanity at it's worst!
How much convincing do we have to do to show the "fact" that more guns in law-abiding citizens' hands means less crime... ALWAYS! It's a no-brainer. But the Satanic Libs keep pushing to disarm Americans. That would be one of the worst things to ever happen.
What this is is another victory of Satan to remove God entirely from public discourse. Nothing less. We have seen a deterioration of respect for any religion by our administration. The only thing that is acceptable is Humanism, which is Atheism. It's a good thing I am not still on active duty in the Navy, or I would be Court Marshaled for speaking out against such non-sense! Of course the Air Force officer has every right to have a Bible on his desk and to refer to it if he wishes! This misguided support of Satanism, in attempting to rid the world of God, must stop! It's bad for everyone! Captain Jim Green
It is a fact that more than half the world's population would move here if they could. That cannot happen. But we are very generous in allowing so many to come. The ones who want to go through the process must wait their turn. Ad that takes lots of time. It's not an inherent problem with the system. It's just reality. We do NOT want criminal invaders (aka Illegal Aliens)! We want the ones who will respect our laws and come here properly! NO AMNESTY... Not under any circumstances! Not ever!
Our immigration policy is NOT broken. It would work fine if we would just enforce it. The claim that it takes "too long" to legally immigrate is false. We have allowed in more than a million legal immigrants every year since the 1980s. And there are millions properly waiting their turn. THAT is what causes the delay. It is a fact that more than I half the world's population would mb
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CaptainJim Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 5:59 PM
Not sure what planet you are living on Robert. But the characteristics you mention clearly fall within the ranks of the Democrat party.The Republicans are trying to save our nation from collapse and ruin.
No, Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen! He should be hauled from the Whitehouse in handcuffs and sent straight to prison for the rest of his life for perpetrating the most brazen act of fraud in history. From a former Naval Officer and Patriotic Constitutionalist
So much for transparency! We know less about the past of this president than any other. The fact that so much money and effort have been expended hiding his history, grades, lack of experience, and even birthplace... is condemning evidence against him. Too bad indeed that our first Black president would be an impostor! He needs to be tried for fraud... and absolutely should NOT be on the November ballot of any State.
And thus we see a constant movement toward the Left and Socialism... always. The only thing that reverses this flow is: Total Collapse, Depression, Revolution, Economic Catastrophe, War... And that is sadly where we are headed today. There is no way to turn away from the ultimate train wreck, because politicians don't have the self-control to do it on their own. Mitt Romney will be able to slow it a bit, but no one can stop the inevitable. Greed and stupidity are now the drivers of our destiny. Sadly for the once great America!
Maher is one of the most evil, unpatriotic, Marxist, disgusting individuals I have ever witnessed. I can't believe the man is even on Leftist media... he's such an embarrassment. If anyone deserved to be deported and stripped of their citizenship for treasonous offensive acts, it is he! The only reason I will turn on his show is to find out which companies are sponsoring him, so I will know what not to buy!
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