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What guns I own are a personal liberty issue. What kind of guns to Feinsteins guards carry?
She'll be right with you, she has to make up some statistics real quick.
"Dry Up The Supply" does it for me.
And universal background checks on Liberal Voters
All you damn liberals are cry babies. What are you even doing on this website?
This is why I always wanted to label far left liberals as domestic terrorist.
I'd chip in on that one!
I often dream of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson coming back, going through D.C. and roundhouse kicking those in need.
Somewhere in New York.... Burglar 1: Are we still robbing the bank this afternoon? Burglar 2: We can't, all we have are 30 round clips and those are illegal.
On my way to work this moring I heard the radio announcer saying he was brought up not to question authority. Thats one of the major problems facing this country. Not enough people question authority, but this gentleman sure did and my hats off to him for that.
The Tea Party is actually in touch. Read the constitution, pick up a history book. The races we did lose are simple to explain...we only voted once.
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