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Townhall TV: Discussing Fast & Furious, 2012 on Fox News

captainbobcat Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 7:41 PM
"Fast and Furious began as Operation Wide Reciever in 2007." It's not often that they name the same operation twice. More likely you're trying to blur the lines between two different operations. "So where did Fast and Furious begin?" I'm not sure WHERE, but I don't think Fast and Furious even began until Eric Holder denied he'd heard of it.

Live from New York, it's Townhall television!  Katie was up early for Fox & Friends this morning, where she discussed her brand new book, which is rocketing up's bestseller list.  The scandal she documents and the allegations she levels against the Obama administration are explosive.  Watch the segment, then follow the link and buy the book:

A bit later on, I appeared with Megyn Kelly and Democrat strategist Tara Dowdell to break down the RNC "excuses" ad