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Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling?

Captain53 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 7:24 AM
The scientists continue to recieve grants for their research, as long as, the results allow for the a certain public opinion to be formulated. Obviously, if we're told we're destroying the earth, many of us see no issue with the government controlling more of the private sector, in the name of halting global warming. Politicians gain more control, the scientists continue to get paid, and everyone is happy, right?
"A Labor Department spokesman said one large state accounted for much of the drop in applications for unemployment aid. The spokesman didn’t identify the state, but several economists speculated that it was California." Umm that's the quote I read, copied and pasted... it looks like you pieced together separate sentences...so you should fit right in with the Administration you support.
You can blame some of the fiscal woes on Bush, of course. However, the rise in debt over the last four years, two which were under complete democratic control, must be attributed to Obama... and Congress... as well. Still, you bring up the budget point, which begs the question, which Budget has Obama signed?
Haha Thanks for the spell check and stong counter arguement. I'm sorry? Has Obama not asked the "rich" to pay their fareshare? Maybe, donating to him counts. You Sound Dumb
That's a strawman arguement. Our National Debt issues are overwhelmingly the cause of entitlements.
Forward right? Actually the point of the article is to show the hypocrisy within the Obama Amdinistration's platform. They demagogue a certian group of people for political purposes, while accepting an overwhelming amount of their money. Maybe you should flex your mind more often and quit being such an emotional whimp.
So, your still using dismantled talking points. Of course you're not actually here to debate, you know you'd lose. It's funny, liberals pretend to be intellectually motivated, yet all their antics and issues are motivated by emotion. You Sound Dumb.
Well, that was just a joke, not so much Obama tooting his own horn. C'mon TH.
I wish he "ignored the economy." That's what we need out of our politicians, for them to let the economy work with the least amount of regulation and government intervention possible. Obama has not ingnored the economy, he has damaged the economy, along with the Congress, and has ignored his administration's and congresses failures.
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