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Does the Republican Party Have a Future?

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 12:39 PM
By contrast, I find two factors motivate parents to send their children to private schools: intellectually challenge, and basic religious principles. Most often the two are combined. But what is striking is the intellectual agressiveness of the students. They want to learn. They like learning, and the teachers seem to challenge them to learn for the fun of it. They ask hard questions with thought and passion. They know how to reason and aren't afraid to relate what I'm saying to other materials that they've read or been taught. It's and entirely different environment, where learning comes before entertainment.

The United States, from day one, was a project about principles and ideals.

The super power that emerged and grew from the handful of colonists that began settling here was not the product of where those colonists happened to land, but the ideals and principles in their head and heart – applied in how they lived their lives.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 to address one great blot on the nation’s founding legacy – the existence of slavery in a nation founded under the ideal of freedom under God.

Runaway slave and self-educated abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass said “I...