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I know of no Libertarians who voted for him. We all voted for someone who is committed to abiding by the Constitution, eliminating those parts of the government that are unconstitutional, and supporting individual liberty and individual responsibility. Unfortunately no candidate of either major party met that criteria.
Yes indeed!! The way to beat Hitlery is by nominating a two-time loser who failed to excite the base to turn out the last time.
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Why Back Hamas Homicides?

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 12:03 PM
Do you suppose that some of the billions that we're giving the PA is making its way back into the "campaign funds" of the politicians who proposed it and voted for it? Tell me it's not true! As I understand it, the going rate is 10-20%. Get a grant or contract from the government and you're expected to "donate" 10-20% of it back to the political class. Just ask John Boehner--he's the king of the House graft machine.
Totally appropriate. The people working at the VA have a Sesame Street level of intellect.
The films may be great, but the masses of voters aren't going to pay $20 (or even $2) to watch them. D'Souza's films are great too, and they play in major theaters, but again the bulk of voters aren't going to pay $7-$10 or more and go at 2PM in the afternoon to see a documentary. The only people who see them are the choir. We've got to figure out how to package our message into YouTube videos that we can pass around through social media and 30-second soundbites that play during WWF, Nascar, and football games if we ever expect to get the masses to pay attention to our message. And have it narrated by Danica Patrick or the Dallas Cheerleaders.
Nominated for this year's "Lie Of The Year"!
What's even more of a shame is that 45+% of the people still support him and think he's a good president. 45+% of people think that being a egotistical arrogant sociopath is a good thing.
I wonder if the guards at Six Flags carry guns, or is it a "gun free zone"?
I'd suggest web sites, facebook and twitter posts, bumper stickers and billboards like, "Intel supports and sponsors illegal immigration." Bring these insects to the light of day.
Sure way to elect another Democrap!
Any party that elects John Boehner as their Speaker doesn't deserve my support or my vote.
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