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You want standards? How 'bout we start with one that says everyone speaks English! Or one that says if you don't graduate from high school you are ineligible for welfare, food stamps, ADA, unemployment compensation, voting, and a driver's license.
If you want racism, look no further than our FLOTUS. According to whispers from the Secret Service, she is the height of black racism.
I used to see our local Congressman (R-OH) flying coach quite frequently as I was flying to/from Washington nearly every week. One day during the Clinton/Lewinsky administration I happened to be sitting next to him when I saw another Congressman seated in First Class. I pointed it out to him and asked why he was flying in coach. Without even a heartbeat of pause, he said, "I'm saving up for an intern."
It's easy to get confused, private scammers versus government scammers. The private scammers probably got their training from the IRS.
It's not the Congress that is refusing to protect the integrity--ITS THE DEMOCRAPS! Republicans and Libertarians far and wide are in favor of insuring voting integrity. The only ones opposed are the Democraps and especially the ones in the Senate that want to be able to count on votes from illegal aliens, dead people, and cheaters. But I'm being too generous with the GOP. They're just as bad as the Democraps when it comes to ballot access for Libertarians and third parties. They all want to protect their monopolies.
I'm embarrassed by the GOP on lots of fronts, and I'm embarrassed by old fools like McCain.
Well said Richards. Many of us dream of a day when the government and corporate lobbyists are out of our churches, our bedrooms, our schools, and our lives, but when there's money to be pocketed by using government force to plunder the citizenry, there will always be scum feeding at the government trough. The only solution is to keep voting for true liberty-minded politicians, track those elected and demand that they vote for freedom, and throw out the ones who violate our liberty. It will take years to clean out the cesspools in Washington and Lexington, but we need to remain vigilant, loud, demanding and aggressive.
Better yet, use Firefox and install Adblock Plus 2.5.1. and Adblock Plus Popup Addon. I never see ads or popup video ads.
And what does this have to do with the Post Office?
Or allow them to go bankrupt, void all of their union contracts, and then reform without a union and union commitments.
The population of hell just went up.
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