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Fine! Where are you going to go, Huck? Form a third party? That'll be sure to limited-government candidates elected. Complain if you must, Huck, but recognize that beating the 18th-century morality drum is driving young people and libertarians from the party. Libertarians don't just believe in small government, they believe in the government keeping it's nose out of our lives. It should be no business of the government whether someone is married or not. Since the GOP is obviously not for small/limited government based on their past performance, AND they are for imposing18th-century morality through the law, young people and libertarians are left with the choice of voting for a party which supports 0% of their views, the GOP, or the Dems who at least aren't trying to tell who they can and can't marry.
@rmt5: Then show me where the Constitution authorizes the federal courts to define marriage. The founders felt that issues like marriage, abortion, religion, etc. should be left to the states. That's what the 9th and 10th Amendments were all about. Until the early 1900's, the Constitution placed limits on the federal government. Then the liberal courts started the practice of incorporation, expanding the power of the federal courts and creating "rights" out of thin air.
No, I'm giving credit to the Kansas independents who are smart enough to look at a candidate's behavior and voting record than simply voting for someone because he has an R or D after his name. I'm not a big fan of Orman, but its a toss-up over who is worst, Orman or Roberts.
Wrong, Sage. Numerous studies have shown that Libertarians are generally better educated and better informed that either Republicans or Democraps. Libertarians believe that the Constitution means what it says, not the big government interpretations of the GOP and Dems.
Or maybe the Kansas independents are fed up with 78-year-old curmudgeons that are stuck in 19th century morality, enthusiastically support the EPA, and vote for ever-larger budgets and governments. Perhaps they prefer someone who lives in Kansas (Roberts doesn't own the home that he claims as his residence--a campaign donor owns it). Perhaps they prefer someone who hasn't been sucking up to the DC lobbyists for the last 34 years.
Deal may be ahead, but I wouldn't count on Georgia electing a GOP Senator. Democrat Michelle Nunn is making a strong showing against David Purdue. Her attack ads are drawing blood against the millionaire businessman famous for breaking up companies and outsourcing business to China.
Any party that elects John Boehner as their speaker and Mitch McConnell as their leader doesn't deserve my vote. If the GOP wants the Libertarian and Constitution Party votes, then they need to run candidates that reflect small-government, individual-responsibility, free-market, federalist, Constitutional principles.
Agreed. Does anyone not understand the reason behind these very visible beheadings? They're trying to goad us into taking offensive action and sending more troops to the region because they know that our doing so is the very best recruiting tool that they've got. Every time we drop a bomb on Sunnis, more Sunnis join their cause.
California just declared an open season on "crazy" aunts.
No, it's corruption plain and simple. Where do you thing that re-registration money goes? Could it be that it ends up in the salary or the campaign funds of the politicians who pass the regulation or the police who enforce it?
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