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Rogers is a GOP crony capitalist scum (just like Boehner). General Dynamics has a printing plant in his district and GD has the contract to print all of the green cards and other documents for the illegal aliens. GD is also a major contributor to his campaign. Old rule: Follow the money!
WRONG!! The Congress can defund all or parts of Obozocare. Zeroing the line items in the budget does not require Obozo's approval. If he vetoes the budget bill that zeros out Obozocare, he'll be the one shutting down government.
The VA is nothing more or less that a GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY. It's no different than any other government bureaucracy. It's no better or worse than the Post Office, the State Department, the EPA, or the CIA,.... VA employees are just like those of other government bureaucracies. VA employees are interested in one thing--going home at quitting time (or 5 minutes early) and depositing their exorbitant government pay check. There are exceptions in any agency, but the truth is that there is a culture in all government bureaucracies; a culture that disincentivizes work and rewards increasing the bureaucracy. Today the microscope is on the VA, tomorrow it will be on another of the 2000 government bureaucracies.
We need a federal (nationwide) "right-to-work" law. Does the new GOP majority have the guts to take this one?
"Gillespie is not a Libertarian," Then why should anyone think that he deserves the votes of the Libertarians? "though likely he shares some of their ideas." And he is opposed to many libertarian ideas. OTOH, Warner shares some of the Libertarian ideas as well. Again why does anyone think that Gillespie deserves the Libertarian vote?
You can thank Gillespie for not reaching out to Libertarians and adopting libertarian positions. You can't blame Libertarians for voting for the candidate that best represents their beliefs. The GOP doesn't automatically deserve the libertarian vote.
Maybe not, but it can be defunded. Zero out the line items in the budget bills and challenge Obozo to shut down the government by vetoing them.
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Becoming Rodney Dangerfield

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Nov 01, 2014 6:53 PM
The damage that this administration has done to the country isn't the dozens of "crises", ignoring or changing the laws to match their objectives, or even the policies and regulations that they've put in place. The damage that they've inflicted on the country is the trust that they've destroyed. Many of us no longer trust our politicians, our government, the IRS, NSA, DOD, DEA, DOJ, ..., or our president to do what is legal, just, and right for the country. They've destroyed our trust in the institutions of our government.
Fine! Where are you going to go, Huck? Form a third party? That'll be sure to limited-government candidates elected. Complain if you must, Huck, but recognize that beating the 18th-century morality drum is driving young people and libertarians from the party. Libertarians don't just believe in small government, they believe in the government keeping it's nose out of our lives. It should be no business of the government whether someone is married or not. Since the GOP is obviously not for small/limited government based on their past performance, AND they are for imposing18th-century morality through the law, young people and libertarians are left with the choice of voting for a party which supports 0% of their views, the GOP, or the Dems who at least aren't trying to tell who they can and can't marry.
@rmt5: Then show me where the Constitution authorizes the federal courts to define marriage. The founders felt that issues like marriage, abortion, religion, etc. should be left to the states. That's what the 9th and 10th Amendments were all about. Until the early 1900's, the Constitution placed limits on the federal government. Then the liberal courts started the practice of incorporation, expanding the power of the federal courts and creating "rights" out of thin air.
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