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What real constitutional right of yours is being suppressed by allowing gays to marry?
Corporations are nothing more than groups of people with a common goal. Together they own property and resources, invest, work together, and speak out. They elect leaders among themselves, and those leaders often speak for the group and make decisions. If the group doesn't like what the leaders are doing or saying, they elect someone else. But in the end, corporations are nothing more than groups of people acting together.
What troubles me is why we as a nation continue to elect idiots like Carter. The Jews in the US reliably vote for antisemitic Democrats.
The problem isn't that these protestors have so little that they have to protest. The problem is that they have TOO MUCH! If they were starving without constant handouts, food stamps, welfare, ADC, and unemployment compensation, perhaps they'd spend more time working and less time protesting.
Boehner wouldn't know conservative if he tripped over one. He's a crony capitalist to his core, pocketing campaign donations from everyone who will donate to buy his vote.
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Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 1:24 PM
Does anyone else see the parallelism between radical Muslims, the thugs that inhabit our inner cities (e.g. Ferguson), and the Nazis of WWII? The parallelism of the preaching of Muslim imams, Al Sharpton and Rev. Wright, and Hitler's speeches? Not all Muslims are death-loving radicals. Not all blacks are thugs, drug dealers, thieves, muggers,or murderers. Not all Germans were Nazis. But the only way to defeat the Nazis was to totally destroy Germany and much of their cities, communities, industry, and culture, and then occupy their homeland for 50 years. Many innocent Germans were killed in the process, and that is unfortunate, but it was the only way to end the Nazi aggression and atrocities. Draw your own conclusions about how to end Muslim atrocities.
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Greek Exit Disaster...or Not

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 9:05 PM
Flagging does no good. TH either doesn't care or is in business with these scammers.
And the fleet of GOPe candidates (Jeb, Christie, Romney, Huntsman, ...) looks to be just as "good." Nominate one of them and just watch how many stay home.
Thanks to GOP-driven gerrymandering in Georgia I'm now in a district that is so heavily Democrap that the Republicans didn't even bother running a candidate. No sense calling my Congressman--he's black, solidly Democrap, and was named as one of the most corrupt congressmen in Washington. Thanks GA GOP!
Just what the country needs, a bunch of senile old RINOs to run the Senate.
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