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Unwrapping the $1.1 Trillion Budget

Captain-Jeff Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 8:04 AM
Instead, we could give every man, woman, and child in the US a check for $3300. And regardless of what they did with it, it would be money better spent. Think what that would do more for our economy than having the government spend it?
Agree. What we need is a viable third party that can draw from both of the existing parties. Something like a merger of the current Libertarian (strong constitutionalist, fiscally conservative, but can draw social liberals from the Democraps) and the current Constitution Party (strong constitutionalis, but with a socially conservative bent), and the TEA Party. BUT to do that takes leadership. We need a leader. Someone with national recognition and following around which we can coalesce. Someone that excites the media. Someone with foreign policy gravitas and sound free-market economic sense. Know anyone?
But don't worry. The Republicans in Congress are completely on-board with the legislation and have funded it through Sep '15 with no changes or study. The insurance companies are big donors to both parties and our Congress-people have no desire to do anything that threatens those donations. Obozocare is here to stay--get used to it.
ONE Thing We Learned From The CRomnibus: Don't trust any Republican that has been in Washington for more that one term, that doesn't commit to reducing government and spending. It goes without saying to never trust any Democrat.
Not high on my list. Right above Hitlery and Warren and right below any Libertarian candidate. After being betrayed by Boehner and McConnell, I'm done with the GOP.
See my post at 2:26
The Republican Party is a lost cause. They've sold their soul to the fat cat bankers and lobbyists. The Republican Party elite couldn't care less what you or any of us want. They're only interested in the money from their big dollar donors.
write "off" the GOP
I would urge each of you in your anger to write, call, or visit personally with your favorite true conservative politician, and press them to strongly consider announcing immediately that they're going to make a third party run, either with a new party or with the Libertarian or Constitution Party. We need to immediately start to coalesce around a new party and a new candidate. Starting TODAY we need to write of the GOP as a lost cause and abandon it. Starting TODAY we need to start working on a new vision for the country, a rebirth of the founder's dream, a nation that doesn't work for the fat cats in Washington and Wall Street, but a nation that works for its legal citizens.
The GOP has sold it's soul to the big dollar donors and the Chamber of Commerce. They've thumbed their collective nose at their base. They think big dollar donors will buy them the WH and seats in '16. They'll have a hard time doing it without our votes.
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