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You are one of my favorite observes and so "right on brillant" all the time.
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Obama's Stump Speech Myths

CAPT-Howzit Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 5:35 PM
As always, exdellent. Would not lead with the WWII story as that is a "common" boast of us military guys (30 yrs USN Capt) - if we are in the unit, we did it. The military has to work that way in the long run. You need the bullet and dinner too. By leading with that when the Pres is a liar about everything and especially things that matter NOW, weaken the arguement. He is a f.. liar, and the best thing about him.
I pray your excuses, spin, oh, I mean analysis is correct. I really do. But even if it is, how as an officer of the Court can you possibly condone what was done. Especially if you are correct in your anaysis, you are too clever by at least half, and the Chief Justice too clever by a factor of ten. Is the Court supposed to be clever? Does the "Law/Constitution" matter? How do people that talk about strict construction and original intent fall back to clever, and hope that anyone will ever respect the Court? So, Hugh, you are telling us that clever and tricky is honorable, and honesty and integrity have no place in our justice system Really? When do we cry, arm, revolt?
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