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I'm gone Panda maybe for good take care
It is beyond belief and in september when the elk are bugling there is no better place to be
yep and it's great I once walked all the way to Costilla across the old trail through the valle vidal 40 miles at 8000 to 10000 ft elevation
The republican party is dead along with the country I'm looking at leaving and heading south to Chile or Ecuador may be Uruguay in a year or two. At my age I'm not going to bother sticking it out anymore
I don't have an address I live at the end of the road in Ponil Canyon
His scorched earth ads in primaries left a bad taste as well and gives lie to the fruit of the spirit argument
Most of them, Romneys scorched earth Primary ads are what caused a large part of his loss of support , I head time and again from evangelical friends that they could not vote for Romney or Obama , I think any of the three listed could have won without had not Romneys smear machine destroyed them among our base , Romney reaped what he sowed in this election
I thought you were a marine, but I guess I was right, just a blowhard . 1 road only about 25 miles and you will need 4 wheel drive or a horse most of the year
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