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How About a "Select Committee on Violence"?

Cappmann Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 8:28 AM
Liberals will NOT discuss violence in general, because they don't care about it. What they care about is banning guns. They have taken EVERY OPPORTUNITY to demonize guns for decades. None of their proposals make any logical sense, and have been, time and again, PROVEN to do either nothing to curb violence or actually make it worse. Yet they persist, EVERY TIME a shooting occurs, to dust off all their old, worn-out talking points and push for more restrictions. Do confuse the issue with facts. They mean nothing to liberals and are not on their agenda.

Today, the NRA met with Joe Biden and Eric Holder.  Not surprisingly, little accord was reached. The NRA rightly perceives that gun control is the only agenda in which The White House has an interest.

But Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) has posted a tweet with an excellent idea from listener "Hal": How about a Select Committee on Violence in America?  Isn't this something the House could set up on its own? And one of its merit, as the tweet points out, is that it would allow (indeed, require) testimony from Hollywood and video game producers.

Look, liberals are always wanting to have...