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4876, the only liberals here are trolls. You can actually spell out GOD in this forum.
Simple solution to his "cruel and unusual" incarceration - EXECUTE HIS. Problem solved...
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Social Security: The Forgotten Crisis

Cappmann Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 2:38 PM
Social Security is running out of money BECAUSE Welfare is not...
One number I heard a couple of years ago was that some 80,000 firearms purchases were denied by the NICS, yey there were only about 40 prosecutions. Now, while there are numerous reasons for denial, the most common, BY FAR, is a criminal record, and oh, BTW, even ATTEMPTING to purchase a firearm by a convicted felon is itself a felony. So why so few prosecutions of the denied purchases?
For once WWW (Wicked Witch of the West) is right. Dems losing the senate could very well be the end of HER idea of civizilation. Better news for the rest of us...
"'speaking for' them to make a defensive political point is shallow and presumptuous." Uh, that is EXACTLY what "prograssives" have been doing for years. How many times do they claim offense "on behalf" of someone else? Personally, it shows their arrogance, elitism, disdain for regular Americans. And i'm getting sick of it.
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Hold On, Mr. President

Cappmann Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 11:08 AM
This is cherry-picking at it's best. The problems with all the acts Stossel lists here isn't necessarlily the act itself, but the lack of follow-thru. If We had followed-thru with the Shaw of Iran decades ago, instead of hanginh him out to dry, we might never have heard of the Ayatolla. If we had not bailed out on Iraq under Obama, ISIS would never have been permitted to form. And BTW, we WERE called "Liberators". BY THE IRAQIS! It was our own media and virtually all politicians with a "D" behind their name that had other names for us. I was there Stossel. I heard the Iraq people thank us for what we did. I don't seem to recall seeing you there though...
You're right about the Founder's intentions. I think the problem is that the Founders never conceived the sheer amount of money that would be available for elected officials to throw around to buy votes and support. There were no unions yet, and no international corporations or national media that could be bought off, so it would have been a simple matter to "vote the bums out" back then. It's abou tthe only short-sighted thing the Founders did when they established out government.
Is it an actual REQUIREMENT for virtually everyone in this administration to be an incompetant amateur? I mean SERIOUSLY?
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Will Justice Do Justice in Ferguson?

Cappmann Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 12:36 PM
Agreed. Numbers don't lie. Same goes for the misconception that whites are going wild killing blacks, when it is in the 90 percentile of blacks killing other blacks. Again, same goes for gun control. Death by firearms is one of the LEAST likely causes of death in the US, following far behind ladder mishaps, pool drownings, medical malpractice, and SIGNIFICANTLY behind auto fatalities. But there's no money to be made trying to ban ladders, pools, medical procedures, or cars (and most people have at least a passing familiarity with these causes of death - something that can't be said about firearms). If the legacy media would actually start publicizing that the leading cause of death to blacks is OTHER blacks, maybe then we could start addressing the REAL problem.
Wrong. Not if they are pre-trained on the specific weapon and closely supervised while firing. I agree that it seems that the Uzi was too much for this little girl, but if she were built up to that platform with less recoil weapons, and familiarized with the Uzi on semi-auto, this tragedy would not likely to have happened. To me (and I've been around firearms all my life AND taught both my daughters and my wife to fire pistols up to .45 and 12 gauge shotguns safely and confidently), this girl was not properly trained before being handed a full-auto weapon.
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