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Where in the Constitution does it say anything about "seperation of church and state", the phrase that is most often used in these suits? I know it say "Congress shall make no law respecting the ESTABLISHMENT of a religion", and where it goes on to say "the free exercise of religion will not be impeded", but nowhere is there a word on this 'seperation" business. So what exactly is the legal basis of these suits, and why are they not summarily dismissed?
Many would be military vets, who are among the best trained in the world.
The robot in Lost in Space was simply called "Robot". Robby the Robot was first seen in the movie "Forbidden Planet", and only made a guest appearance in Lost in Space. This is a clear demonstration of your intellectual laziness and refutes your entire article. You should be permanently banned from ever writing anything but your signature (to sign your tax return). [sarc-OFF]
Aren't illegal drugs being sold on the street, um... ILLEGAL? Aren't guns in the hands of convicted felons, um... ILLEGAL? Isn't violating a restraining order, um...ILLEGAL? So passing more laws making more thing ILLEGAL will do what exactly?
How about facing the fact that, as a responsible (and trained) gun owner, perhaps Katie would rather AVOID a potential confrontation then FORCE one? And your comment has WHAT to do with the post? Pull your head out Lois...
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Lawsuits and Impeachment

Cappmann Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 3:30 PM
Why can't these so-called educated, intelligent GOP "leaders" apply a single drop of common sense? They know as well as we do that the senate will never support impeachment. And they also know that Holder will never lift a finger on the lawsuit. So why are they #1 proposing stupid actions that absolutely cannot succed, and #2 warning dems of their game plan and giving them time to prepare? They need to focus on the misterms and THEN challenge the lawless administration.
The SCOTUS specified who this ruling applied to. If there are "intra-owner disputes", the ruling doesn't apply. As for referencing the employees, not one was represented as a plaintiff against Hobby Lobby. Further, employees who don't share the religious convictions of the owners accepted the job knowing those convictions (it's in the mission statement). If they don't agree, they are free to go elsewhere for a job. Finally, 16 of 20 birth control options are still offered, so they have nothing to complain about. This entire blowup has been caused by people LYING about the case and it's repercussions. Hobby Lobby has NEVER denied their employees birth control coverage. SCOTUS DID NOT deny Hobby Lobby's employees birth control coverage. This case specified that, under specific guidelines, ABORTION-CAUSING drugs do not have to be paid for by the company under certain conditions.
Amen to your Amen!
#1 - because they're LYING. #2 - because they're chipping away at religious freedoms just like they're doing to many of our other freedoms. We need to stop them at every turn, or we will wake up one day and discover that we've become the United States Soviet Union.
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