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In Defense of Chris Christie

Cappmann Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 12:24 PM
While I agree with some parts of this article, and disagree with others, I have to note one particular point I find totally in error: "President Obama was re-elected with relative ease because Republicans got absolutely decimated among people of color." This is flat-out wrong. Obama won for one reason, and one reason only - republican voters failed to vote. Period. Both candidates received less voted than were cast in 2008. If Romney had only done AS WELL AS McCain did in 2008 with voter turnout, he would have won. Holding to "conservative principles" is all well and good, but when it puts such an incompetant radical back in office, WITH NO HOLDS BARRED (not facing reelection), the lesser of two evils principle applies.

I get it.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not a perfect conservative -- far from it, in fact.  His embrace of the president during Hurricane Sandy's aftermath was overly effusive, even if it aligned with his bipartisan, results-oriented brand.  His decision to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion after blasting it as a form of "extortion" is a hypocritical, government-growing mistake.  His cautious hedging on gun control rankles...