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How Obama and Friends Are Stifling Our Economy

CapitaLost Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 8:08 PM
Isn't it wonderful how all this diversity in government has made life here so glorious and the economy so strong! All these minorities, women and gays running things. Wow. It is so great to be a citizen of the Socialist States of Amerika.

If you’ve recently tried to refinance your home, you’re probably quite aware of the changes in the lending market from a few years back. Even though interest rates have been held artificially low by the Federal Reserve, obtaining financing can be worse than getting a tooth extracted – even if you have pristine credit. That same market exists for commercial loans, and that’s why I sat down with industry guru Steve Gold to discover what’s going on.

Steve has been in the commercial financing business for forty years, during which time he has arranged both equity and debt for commercial properties...